Moments of Humanity

Based on inspirational highlights from the LGBTQIA+ community.

Where is LGBTQ Village?

LGBTQ Village
Safe and At Peace

This Village is a peaceful place where no LGBTQI+ human is imprisoned, murdered, or executed simply because of their sexual orientation or gender nonconformity.

No Anti-LGBTQI+ Laws

The village is where no anti-LGBTQI+ legislation is passed in either the lower or upper house, and no MP or government member attacks the rainbow community.

True Identity

The LGBTQ Village is where no LGBTQI+ person hides their true identity and has no problems or obstacles to talk to others about their existence and circumstances.

No Scary Signals

The LGBTQ Village is where no media broadcasts homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, and other scary signals about the rainbow community.

Equal to Others

The LGBT Village is where LGBTQI+ people have the same rights as other members of society.

Inclusive community

The LGBTQ Village is an inclusive community that respects LGBTQ people, and no belief, philosophy, or religion threatens or violates their rights.

And we will try to build this village with you.


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